Today's book took 8 months to read. It was purchased at Sydney airport on a long winded and extended journey home after a tumultous time in my life. I had just buried my father in Sydney. I was farewelling not only him but my siblings there. I was in shock, heavily grieving and had hardly slept. Whilst my Dad seemed organised to depart this life, the rest of us were coming to terms with the new norm. The next stop on the horizon was a departure from Sydney to Adelaide. With border restrictions to navigate, we left that hell hole and detoured to Adelaide. Whilst at the airport, juggling bags of chips and waterbottles for my Mother and my sons, I saw this book. I knew I had to read it to distract my mind from the bittersweet sadness that laid heavily on my heart. It was a God send for me in that time. It kept my mind activated and stimulated. It was stimulating to learn about history of the world and also the history of Sir David's life. It was not only knowledgeable in research, but in wisdom. My sons noticed my reading this and would look through the pictures, engrossed. I highly recommend this book. It isn't an easy read as per say. It's one to allow the time to soak in it's words and ponder on it all. It's depth is rewarding. It is a book that allows you put life in perspective, that as a worldly collective there is a much bigger picture. It certainly makes you realise that life is a journey and we all have a part to play. It may be my personal take, due to the life circumstances of which I read it but none the less a book I encourage every generation to one day read.

I recommend this book to those that are eager to learn. Who as passionate about the world we live in. I hope this too inspires you to be part of the life you want to live. To shop this book click here and it will take you to the relevant sites to add to cart. If sharing on instagram please credit to @caleyashpole.