Today's mood board was inspired by a trench coat I remember my Grandma, Mim wearing. Whilst my memory of the colour fails me, the style I will never forget. It was flattering and timeless. Much like this one. She would wear silk scarves around her neck or hair, depending on the outing and day. She was manicured, even at bedtime adorning red lippie and rouge on her cheeks. Chanel No.5 a favourite spritzed on outings.

She was widowed longer than she was married. Never re-marrying and dedicating her life to her family and grandchildren.

She loved to garden, snapdragons were always a favourite. We would pinch the petals together to make them snap. She had a garden remedy for everything. Dreadful in the kitchen but spectacular in the garden. She was beautiful. She was beautifully kept and she had a beautiful presence about her. Her furniture was dark timbers and lots of gold frames in her home with green velvet couches. Just heavenly.

I am inspired by her journey which led me here today, inspired by her fashion tastes, her love of gardening, moments captured and our memories made. I hope this too inspires you to create the life you want to live and to visualise it. To shop this look, click here and it will take you to the relevant sites to add to cart. If sharing on instagram please credit to @caleyashpole.