Today's mood board was inspired by the simplicity & crispness of the colours white & blue. Perfect combination for luxury coastal homes and even a touch of coastal farmhouse too. Leading into summer on the southern side of the hemisphere, this is the perfect look whether you are surrounded by residential homes in suburbia, on land or acreage in regional areas or simply wanting a refresh whether close to the ocean or simply indulging on a homemade icypole in your backyard. Aussie summers with a splash of water or dash of green lawns, perfect for inside & out.

Who said blue and green should never be seen?

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We have been having a lot of fun in our home (and by we, I mean Moss and I) with our human sized Halloween skeleton. It is the best $35 decorative item I have found for Halloween styling. As much as I love decorating, it's the fun memories that my kids will grow up with. One day, looking back on the "freaky" times we've had together in our home each October. I couldn't resist our Skeleton, which I affectionately call "Old Mate" baking up these delicious skull cookies just in time for when the boys arrived home for afternoon tea. They look great and even better, I simply used a pre made cookie dough mix to save on time which tasted delicious.

WHAT YOU WILL NEED: - Choc chip cookie dough

- A rolling pin - White coloured icing or edible cake paint

- Black gel icing pen

- Lolly eyes

- Any Halloween Decorations that you like

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- Slice the rolled dough into thick pieces

- Roll out the individual pieces and cut with the skull shaped cookie cutter

- Line a baking tray with baking paper

- Place skull cookies onto tray and bake in the oven for 8 and a half minutes. (I like them chewy).

- Once slightly cooled, move to a cooling rack

- Grab a paintbrush and the decorative edible white icing paint. Paint on the white in the middle of the cookie, leaving a nice thick edge

- With the black gel icing pen, draw a line for the mouth and mini lines across it. Add x2 blobs for the eyes

- Carefully put x2 edible eye lollies onto the black eye blobs

- Serve for your kids!

- (Add a glass choccie milk or style your own skeleton as if it's been baking!)

Here's a little video of "Old Mate" in the kitchen. My boys love watching this over and over and that to me, is priceless. To see more of what we get up to, visit my instagram page here. If sharing please credit to @caleyashpole.

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• LIFE •

“The greatest fine art of the future will be the making of a comfortable living from a small piece of land.”

- Abraham Lincoln

My niece is only 13 years younger me. Her Mum (my older sister) is 13 years older. My Grandma, My Great Aunty and my Mum also had the same age gaps between them. So, it's not unusual for a large family like ours to be close within the spread of generations. Ike & Moss, much like my older siblings, are growing up and sharing some amazing life experiences with their second cousins. Experiences such as this, where we went to Deathrow Unchained Animal Rescue for my great niece's 2nd birthday. A place where Moss met the Apple of his eye, (literally a horse named Apples and a place where Ike was most unimpressed with the name of "Deathrow" but did give the tick of approval upon finding the chook pen. All was forgiven and we toured a beautiful rescue sanctuary together. We spent a few hours touring the farm, meeting the animals and getting sprayed with mud by the pigs. We enjoyed a packed party box lunch and even a snow cone. [Thanks to my wonderful niece!] This place was authentically raw and run with passion, completely by volunteers. Located 20 minutes from Brisbane's CBD. DRU are 100% committed to the rescue and rehabilitation of neglected and mistreated animals where they now enjoy life in their animal sanctuary.

Aurora was the first completely blind cow that arrived at DRU.

Himalayan Salt Lick Block so livestock can get trace elements that they need.

Mossy liked his mate Kyle. Kyle maybe not so much liking Moss...

Check out Elvis-Square! Big boy...showing off his gorgeous looks.

I got a little excited to get a photo with Elvis. Lara's son, out like a light. Missed the whole Elvis occassion.

Moss also excited about meeting Elvis.

Apples, a horse blind in one eye and the oldest horse on the farm. She was beautiful and the "apple of Mossy's eye".

Ike's favourite was the chooks.

Pierre getting a feed.

The memories made, will last a lifetime. So much joy was had at this farm by not only the animals rescued but by us on the tour as well. A place where our children can learn and experience...All from a small piece of land... What a great way to celebrate a birthday and life itself.

- x.

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